Innovation and tradition

We have been extensively involved in the research, development and production of foam fire extinguishing compounds, which have been used successfully in a variety of applications in fire extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers at home and abroad, for more than 80 years.

With high production capacities of more than 160 T per day we are able to meet large demands in a short time.

In close co-operation with end-users and test institutes, we have developed a wide range of different products in accordance with national and international standards and individual specifications.

Thanks to decades of experience, we have well-founded, expert knowledge at our disposal, with which we help our customers to solve their particular problems and provide advice when selecting a suitable foam fire extinguishing compound.

Furthermore, we offer you independent proof of efficacy as well as expert reports on foam extinguishing agents and provide you with holistic support in replacing your foam extinguishing agents and cleaning your tanks and systems.

Dr. Sthamer Timeline

Our company’s history dates back to the 19th century when local Hamburg chemist Dr. Richard Sthamer decided to set up his own business manufacturing chemical and pharmaceutical products. In January 1886 he founded Fabrik chemischer Präparate in Billwerder (now part of Hamburg) on the river Bille, the same site where our company is located to this day.

In the 1920s, initial attempts were made exploring the use of saponin as a foam former in the firefighting sector. This resulted in
the company entering a new market, a market in which we are recognised and held in high international esteem – the production of fire extinguishing foam concentrates.


Only a few years later Erich Sthamer, son of the company’s founder, began leading the development of protein based air foam concentrates. The respective patent dates back to 1936. In the following decades there would be many new developments protected by patents.

1950 - 1980
At the beginning of the 1950s Jürgen Sthamer joined the company, marking the third generation of the family business. A new era in foam concentrate manufacturing began with the first successful development of a synthetic, alcohol-resistant, gel film-forming foam concentrate. Further developments in synthetic and protein-based foam agents followed during the 60s, whilst the 70s revolved predominantly around combining fluorinated agents with protein foam concentrates, in order to create new, more effective products.

1980 – 2000
Oswald and Henning Sthamer joined the company in the 1980s, as the fourth family generation. This period was marked by the rapid growth in environmental awareness of society. Through new developments, modified methods of production and the use of new raw materials, the business succeeded in creating new, more environmentally friendly foam concentrates which, in 1995, led to ownership of a new patent.

2000 – today
A vast global customer base places their trust in and relies on our product quality and the competence and reliability of the company
and our team. Intensive research and development continues to be a top priority at Dr. Sthamer. Our aim: High quality fire protection products, first-class customer service, exceptional responsibility toward our environment.

Foam is our job

Research and Development
All our products are designed and seen through to the production stage by our on-site Laboratory, where we employ the latest analytical methods and technologies. By closely monitoring the marketplace we are able to implement requests for new or altered products within the shortest possible time, whilst maintaining close contact with our customers, suppliers and research institutes. In order to sustain steady progress and to develop new and improved products, our scientists continue to research new raw materials and processing technologies.

Quality Management
All our products and services are subject to continuous innovation. Motivated and qualified staff are equally as important to us, as the use of high-quality raw materials and modern analysis and production technologies. Constant inspection ensures that only products in full compliance with legislative specifications and our strict internal standards are ever dispatched.

Dr. STHAMER products meet the requirements of national and international standards and are acknowledged by numerous approval bodies.

  • Services
  • Comprehensive technical advice before and after sale
  • Local technical support
  • Developing special fire extinguishing agents tailored to specific customer needs
  • Conducting fire tests, also according to individual user requirements
  • Product training courses
  • Annual quality testing of foam concentrate stocks
  • Sampling of foam concentrate stocks
  • Providing the latest technical info sheets
  • Information on new products or product developments
  • 24-hour emergency supplies
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