Dr. Sthamer Foam concentrates

Customers worldwide rely on the quality, performance and longevity of Dr. Sthamer foam concentrates.

Municipal fire services

Municipal fire departments must be able to cover a large operational spectrum in their response area, depending on the respective risk of a situation..... more


Foam concentrates used by airport fire services, or for use in extinguishing systems e.g. at commercial airports, in hangars or on helidecks, must comply with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).... more

Stationary fire extinguishing systems

Our FXS product line offers a variety of different foam concentrates specially designed for use in stationary fire extinguishing systems.... more


Fire extinguishing foam concentrates for use
aboard maritime vessels, tugboats and firefighting vessels must comply with the requirements of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).... more


In most cases, wildfires develop following prolonged periods of drought and extreme heat in areas which are often inaccessible.... more


In industry, particularly high demands are placed on fire protection and associated equipment due to the risks involved.... more

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