F3-AR Alcohol-resistant Foam Concentrates

vaPUREx® is a new product line of environmentally compatible high-performance fire extinguishing foam concentrates. For a variety of applications vaPUREx® can replace AFFF or AFFF-AR without polluting the environment with fluorosurfactants. The special formulation allows direct application to non-polar liquid fires (e.g. petroleum products). Not only is vaPUREx® suitable for direct foam application it also forms a stable foam blanket providing for excellent vapour suppression and burn-back safety. The alcohol resistant vaPUREx® products were comprehensively type tested on polar fuels and achieved the highest possible fire performance ratings. Apart from alcohol resistant product types we also offer application-optimised variants.


Proportioning rate non-polar 3 %; polar 3 %; viscous (special proportioning technology required)
Type of foam low-expansion foam; medium-expansion foam; high-expansion foam
Frost resistance -5 °C
Certificate of conformity EN 1568:2018 part 1, 2, 3 & 4 (rating IA in all parts) LASTfire, ICAO
Environmental acceptability Physiologically harmless and fully, very easily biodegradable.
Application Tank farms; refineries; chemistry parks; hazmat depots; hazmat transportation of communal fire services
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vaPUREx® AR 3/3 F-5
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