Practical advice


Fire extinguishing foam concentrates foam very readily. Foam formed whilst filling containers may break down only slowly, prolong the filling process and can affect the quality, in particular of protein foam concentrates.


Suitable for storage and transport of synthetic fire extinguishing foam concentrates are containers made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, GRP and HDPE. Protein foam concentrates are stored in mild steel, stainless steel, GRP or HDPE containers.

Quality checks of foam concentrate stocks

To ensure the usability of foam concentrate stocks we recommend annual quality check-ups by our laboratory. A sample of min. 1 litre is required for testing.

Miscibility of foam concentrates

Protein foam concentrates must not be mixed with synthetic foam concentrates. Foam concentrates of similar types may be mixed in any proportion if the blend is used immediately. When a foam concentrate stock needs to be replenished, a compatibility analysis by our laboratory is recommended. For further information please contact us directly.

Training with foam

When training with foam strictly adhere to the legislation and guidelines applicable to your location.

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