High expansion foam

Expansion rate

with over 200 times expansion is produced, for example, from the synthetic foam concentrate STHAMEX-K at a low water/ foam concentrate consumption.


extremely high foam volume and low weight. High expansion foam contains a great proportion of air and are therefore a particularly “dry” foam with big bubbles. Due to its large volume and low weight, high expansion foam can not be "thrown".

Its fire extinguishing property mainly is due to the separating, insulating and suppression effects. These extinguishing effects are supported by a relatively high deterioration rate of the foam as minute drops of water are released which in turn evaporate immediately due to the high combustion temperatures and form the 1,700-fold volume of steam. The ambient air is thinned and cooled accordingly. High expansion foam is produced in high expansion foam generators.


develops its full fire extinguishing effect particularly against fires in spatially restricted sections. Thanks to its extremely high expansion rate, even large areas such as airplane hangars or warehouses can be completely flooded within a short time. High expansion foam is applied into the object to be protected from outside by means of a suitably sized hose (conduit pipe) or is produced within the object by means of special high expansion foam generators using the hot combustion gases (Inside Air or Hot Foam systems). The water content in the foam is so low that water damage is minimised to a great extent. Used as a preventive measure, high expansion foam suppresses flammable gases and provides effective protection against the effects of flames and heat.

Inside-air foam systems:

are new high expansion foam systems used in enclosed areas, for example, in warehouses or ships' engine rooms. To produce foam, inside-air foam Systems use the up to 1,000 °C hot, soot laden combustion gases released during a fire. Special high expansion foam concentrates are used along with these Systems which are particularly resistant against combustion gases and high temperatures.

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