Medium expansion foam

Expansion rate

with up to 200 times expansion is mainly produced from synthetic foam concentrates, e.g. STHAMEX f-15.


depending on the expansion ratio, a "damp" foam with fine bubbles or a "dry" foam with big bubbles of low weight and high volume is produced. Its fire extinguishing property is due especially to the separating, cooling and repression effects. Medium expansion foam is produced in medium expansion foam branch pipes. The water/foam concentrate mixture is swirled in the foam branch pipe with the air which is drawn in, under pressure hits a mesh inside the branch pipe and is additionally expanded. In this way, a lot of foam is produced within a short while which can be built up high.


Thanks to its wide expansion range, medium expansion foam can be used for numerous applications: At 50 to 100 times expansion for fires of plastics, tires, and liquids and also to extinguish glowing fires; at 100 to 200 times expansion to flood flat spaces, for example, channels, pits, shafts, etc. and everywhere where a successful fire fighting operation depends an a fast build-up of large amounts of foam. Projection ranges of approx. 12 m can be attained using medium expansion foam thus making a relatively gentle foam application possible. The foam spreads quickly over the surface of the fire and forms a closed, gas-tight cover. A particularly swift and successful fire fighting operation is achieved with the alcohol resistant AFFF foam concentrate MOUSSOL-APS when dealing with polar liquids. Medium expansion foam generators designed for industrial fire protection operate with an expansion ratio of approx. 1:25 up to 1:35. They attain projection ranges of approx. 35 m.

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