Sampling foam compound:

The sampling device and bottle must be clean and dry. Only new bottles should be used for despatching the sample. If previously used bottles are used, then they must be rinsed using plenty of water and dried properly. Bottles, which have been used to store washing or cleaning agents, mineral oil products, etc. must not be used as even small amounts of residue will contaminate the foam compound sample. Drink bottles, etc. must not be used for safety reasons (risk of mistaking the contents). Tin containers must not be used for synthetic foam compounds.
In the case of protein foam compound, make sure the sample bottle is completely full. Foam which is produced during transportation can increase the formation of sediment. This could result in the values of the foam compound sample changing.
At least 2 litres of concentrate are required for a comprehensive foam compound analysis. Samples of less than 1 litre cannot be fully analysed. A minimum amount of 10 litres is required for pre-mixed solutions.
Please mark the sample clearly and specify the foam compound type, the admix ratio and the recipient of the analysis report. Please send us with the sample the filled form ACCOMPANYING STHEET TO FOAM SAMPLE
The analysis result of the foam compound sample is based exclusively on the sample given to us.
If you want further information to the sampling method, see our technical instruction sheet "sampling foam compound".
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