STHAMEX®–class A

is a foam concentrate preferably for fires of solid materials (class-A fires).


Faster than usual foam concentrates STHAMEX®–class A penetrates the surface of combustible solids resulting in extraordinary cooling and extinguishing effectiveness. CAFS application intensifies the wetting and extinguishing effect. The compressed air used with this application method characterises the foam properties. The foam bubbles are particularly small and stable for long lasting adherence of the foam to solids. The foam solution drains slowly and steadily onto the combustible surface which at the same time is being sheltered from heat radiation. Thus the foam solution continuously penetrates the burning material and permanently wets its surface without draining instantly as it would be the case if only water was used. The cooling effect by constant evaporation of the extinguishing agent is being improved. The efficiency of the extinguishing agent used is increased by the multiple: compared to water the effectiveness of extinguishing agent is raised by 7-8 times. When STHAMEX®–class A is used inside buildings the damage caused by water can be reduced considerably.

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