Aqueous Film Forming Foam Agent

STHAMEX®–AFFF is an aqueous film forming fire extinguishing foam. A combination of fluoric components, foam stabilisers and antifreezing compounds provides for its outstanding efficiency.


STHAMEX®–AFFF is designed for generating low and medium expansion foam and owing to its high foam density long throwing distances are achieved.

STHAMEX®–AFFF forms foam very readily and is therefore also suitable for use as medium expansion foam and in foam/water sprinkler systems. The high water releasing capacity favours film formation, increases flowability, reduces the extinction time and cools the source of fire. The aqueous film extinguishes fires even in areas not yet reached by the foam and prevents reignition should the foam blanket get ruptured. The foam is oil-repellent (oleophobic), i.e. it does not load itself with petroleum products and is, therefore ideal for sub-surface foam application.

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