FOAMOUSSE®–FFFPFilm Forming Fluoroprotein
fire extinguishing foam concentrate

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP is a film forming foam concentrate based on a special formulation of natural protein along with fluorinated additives, stabilisers and antifreezing compounds.

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP virtually combines the extinguishing performance of AFFF with the sealability of fluoroprotein foam concentrates.


FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP low expansion foam allows long throwing distances and, thanks to the increased contents of fluorinecomponents provides outstanding flowability and burnback resistance.

The aqueous film formed out of the foam even extinguishes areas of hydrocarbon fires not yet reached by the foam. The foam does not emulsify with hydrocarbon fuels and is therefore ideal for sub-surface and semi sub-surface application. Where required FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP can be used in non-aspirated form.

FOAMOUSSE®–FFFP complies with applicable standards.

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