Fluoroprotein fire extinguishing foam concentrate

FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® is based on protein, a re-growing natural source. Fluorinated, surface active agents, stabelisers and preservatives characterise this efficient foam concentrate which may provide an economic alternative to AFFF and FFFP foam liquids.


Der aus FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® low expansion foam allows long throwing distances, is fast flowing and extremely resistant against burnback and heat radiation.

FLUOR-FOAMOUSSE also proves stable on hydrocarbons with proportions of polar solvents. Other highly volatile additives such as MTBE can effectively be protected with FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE®. The foam does not emulsify with hydrocarbon fuels which makes it ideal for forceful application as well as use in subsurface installations.

FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® extinguishes class A and B fires safely and produces a gastight foam blanket on liquid surfaces. FLUOR–FOAMOUSSE® complies with applicable standards.

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